Mike Paul Music


My prices are as follows:
£10 for half an hour,
£14 for three quarters of an hour,
£18 for one hour,
£21 for one and a quarter hours,
£24 for one and a half hours,
£26 for one and three quarter hours,
£28 for two hours.

If you would like to guarantee to keep a fixed lesson time you must pay for a block of lessons in advance. With block bookings I must also be paid for any weeks I'm teaching which you are/will be absent for - please let me know (in writing) that you're okay with this before you pay for your first block of lessons.

If I am travelling to your house my travelling and prep/setup time will be deducted from the amount of time you've paid for. For instance if you pay for one and a half hours and you live 20 minutes away from me I'll spend around 40 minutes travelling and and so the lesson time will be around 50 minutes.


Any lessons that you cancel or are absent from must be paid for regardless of the reason and notice given.

If you pay for lessons individually your lesson time may vary and if I am busy I may not be able to offer you a lesson (block bookings take priority).

If your lessons are at my house please ensure that you are punctual; if you are early you may interrupt someone else's lesson and have to wait outside as I don't have a waiting area.

I do not refund lessons which have been paid for in advance (the only exception to this is if I need to cancel them).

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't make it to my lesson, can I reschdule it?
No, but you may cancel it and book another one, in which case both lessons must be paid for. If you're not okay with paying for both lessons you've booked I'd advise you to only book lessons when you are reasonably sure that you can make it (e.g. by always emailing/calling me the day/day before you'd like to book a lesson).

Can I pay for one of your longer timeslots and divide it up into smaller lessons?
No you cannot; the longer timeslots are intended to pay for travel time and expenses if I am teaching at your house.

Do you teach adults?
Yes, all ages are welcome.

Do you offer any discounts?
No, however costs can be cut by splitting a lesson up (e.g. 15 minutes each) if you know someone else who'd also like lessons.

Do you carry on teaching though the school holidays?
Yes I do.

Do you teach on bank holidays?

I'd like to pay for blocks of lessons to guarantee a fixed time, but would like the lessons to be term time only. Is that okay?
No, as doing so would put unpaid gaps in my timetable.

Why must I pay for a lesson I've cancelled even if I've given you plenty of notice?
It is likely that you will have put an unpaid gap in my timetable and very unlikely that I'll be able to fill the gap.

Do you offer a free trial lesson?
No, but you can pay for lessons one at a time so if you decide to only book one that's fine.

Am I able to book lessons for someone as a gift?
Yes, but I suggest you ask them whether they'd like to have the lessons first as I will not refund you if they don't want the lessons.


Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions (you can use the contact form below and make up a name and email address if you'd prefer to remain anonymous).

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